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When I Grow Up – “Matilda”

I love it when a designer uses multiple items in a set to really highlight movement. Here’s a wonderful example of just that in the scenography of “Matilda” for your Friday morning.


Millinery Projects – In Which I Make Lots Of Hats




I’m currently in the middle of a project where I get to stretch some of my millinery skills by making a variety of fun hats. The project is re-creating a series of costume and prop pieces from photos to use in a new show. I have an image but I get to create the blue-print and puzzle it out myself. I’ll have some great tutorials for you guys after I’m done and the project is over, but for now here’s a little glimpse into the process.








Good model-makers looking for work

If you are a follower from the U.K. and have experience model making I highly recommend you get in touch with David Neat and take him up on his offer above!



This must be the shortest post I’ve ever written .. hurrah!

I’m often asked if I can recommend good model-makers for various types of job and this usually presents me with two problems. Firstly I can never remember exactly where I’ve put people’s details and secondly it’s difficult for me to find the time to look through them and then forward the information on. It would be a great deal easier for me to be able to refer anyone who asks to an available list .. so I’m planning to compile a list somewhere on this site!

If you live in the UK, consider yourself a good model-maker and are seriously looking for work I’d appreciate it if you get in touch. You need to send me links to your work online that I can have a look at first and which clients can then refer to once the list is available. Let…

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Gift Guide 2013- For Your Tough-As-Nails Little Brother Who Loves Sports and Has a Swanky New Home

The ultimate gift for a sports lover will always be tickets to see his favorite team (For my brother that’s the Seattle Sounders) but here are a few more items to add to your list for your sporty brother who still has a sense of great style and humor. Gift Guide 2013- For your tough-as-nails little brother who loves sports and has a swanky new apartment

Real Flame Trestle Wood-Burning Fire Pit for his new backyard because who doesn’t like a good fire on a cold night. -$219

A cheeky Reed Wilson Design doormat  for the new place to make him smile every time he walk in the house. – $50

Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Set to keep that sibling rivalry going. – $57

An autographed current football, baseball or basketball  because you will then be the best sibling EVER. $120-$600 (Prices vary by sport and signature).

A Vintage-Style Leather Travel Bag  So he can come visit you in style. $59-$100 (Price varies by size)

Meriwether of Montana Classic Six Pack Carrier So he can tailgate in style – $40

IZOLA Private Reserve 3oz Flask so he can stay classy. – $24

‘Model-making Basics’ – main construction

I had the great privilege of studying with David while I was at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. This is the first of 5 of his posts on basic Model-Making techniques.


Please note before you start reading this older post that I have long since included a version in my Methods pages, under Making realistic models, which can be accessed above. That version may have been updated or expanded since.

I will be teaching five 3-hour sessions in model-making for the theatre design students at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in London throughout this month. The fact that I’m given five, short time-slots is convenient, I think, because it fits in with the way I usually divide up model-making, at least in practical terms, into five areas; .. main construction, fine construction, modelling and shaping, creating surfaces and painting. I’ve delivered these sessions many times before but I’m always driven to ‘re-evaluate’, so this time I’m using that as an opportunity to write up my preparation for those sessions here. The next five posts are therefore geared towards the specialities of making theatre set design models, but many of…

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Couples Costume for Halloween – Bonnie and Clyde

It seems like the summer just whizzed by this year! With October almost upon us I thought it might be fun to explore some costume ideas that you can get ready for all those fun Halloween parties that the fall brings.

Bonnie and Clyde are by far the most famous of the American Gangster/Moll couples. Known for their robberies during the “public-enemy era” of the 1930’s the two traveled the midwest together with their gun-toating gang. The two were eventually ambushed and killed in the south after committing more than 100 robberies and killing more than a dozen people. Their larger-than-life public appeal was cemented when Fay Dunaway and Warren Beatty portrayed the two in Arthur Penn’s 1960’s film. Below Dunaway and Beatty are on the left and the real Bonnie and Clyde are on the lower right.

Bonnie and Clyde Costume for Halloween

This outfit is fairly simple to assemble. For Bonnie, a skirt that hits your leg at mid-calf but hugs your hips, a fitted sweater, scarf, beret and a cute pair of vintage looking shoes. For Clyde a well tailored suit in gay or brown, patterned tie, fedora, and brown shoes. Both should get fake guns, you can find those at your local halloween store or online. Have fun and rock that 1930’s gangsta style.

Gift Guide 2012- For Your Brother Who Likes Adventuring and Fine Wine

Men are notoriously hard to shop for so here are some ideas for your adventuresome brother who also likes the finer things in life. Gift Guide 2012- For Your Brother Who Likes Adventuring and Fine Wine

1) An  iPhone Scuba Suit for all his underwater photos

2) Men’s North Face Vest so he can stay warm and look good – $110

3) Ursa Major Big Kahuna Skin-Care Set Because sometimes he needs to impress the ladies.

4) Burberry perfume, because smelling good also impresses ladies – $90

5) This zen “You Cant Stop The Waves, But You Can Learn How To Surf” poster -$28

6) A Surf Contest, book to help class up his coffee table – $54

7) The Walking Dead Season 1 (2 Discs), because, well, he’s a guy – $16

8) A portable Bonfire Log From Terrain for his close to home adventures -$28

9) Lift Tickets for the two of you so you can do some sibling bonding on the slopes – $20-180