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MY Mr Knightley: Making a Shirt

For those of you making your Halloween (or Theater) Costume this fall, this tutorial on how to make a Regency Shirt is a great resource!

Tea in a Teacup

An 18th Century shirt, from the Victoria and Albert Museum. The sleeves are finely pleated to enable the tailcoat to fit over the top.

My first item of clothing in my husband’s Regency wardrobe is a white shirt.

Throughout the 18th century, men of all classes wore long white shirts with off-the-shoulder sleeves as a basic undergarment underneath their clothes. The shirts often doubled as nightwear and were usually made from linen or cotton. The only visible part of the shirt during the day was the upper edges of the collar peeking out from underneath the cravat, and maybe the frills on the cuff, which extended below the jacket sleeves in the 18th century. The tails of the shirt were also extremely long, designed to be pulled between the legs as an early type of underwear.

By Regency times, little had changed. The frills on the cuffs were beginning to…

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Halloween Costume 2014 – Fish Mooney, Gotham

A simple but effective costume for Halloween this year. Complete with Mooney’s weapon of choice – a baseball bat. This villain stays classy in gold, red and black but keeps it edgy with dangerous looking shoes and accessories. Don’t forget the pointed nails or the red and black wig.
Halloween Costume 2014 - Fish Mooney, Gotham