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“Evita” at the John W. Engeman Theater

Hi folks! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at work. Just about a week ago I opened “Evita” at the John W. Engeman theater in Long Island. The show is currently having several revivals including a national tour and a short stint in the West End to celebrate it’s 35th Anniversary (It opened September 25th, 1979 (See The Playbill Vault for more info).

Our version featured a strong cast of Broadway and Long Island notables as well as an exceptional creative team.  Our concept was to create a sepia-toned stage in which “Eva” would be the brightest spot and focus point.  The show was directed by Igor Goldin, Scenic Design was done by Daniel T Willis, Costume & Wig Design was by Kurt Alger, Lighting Design was by Zach Blane  and I did the prop design.  To read more about the show check out our review on Broadway World and photos of the show below!  All were taken by  Daniel T Willis, Michael DeCristofaro and myself.

IMG_9742 IMG_9762

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I’m Back!

Hey Folks, after a long hiatus I am back to blogging. It’s been a hectic spring; I moved, started doing more work for the film union on shows like “Broad City” and “Blacklist”, helped a cousin with the design for his wedding, traveled to CA to see my college friends and this month I have 3 more weddings! It’s been a lot to tackle, so I’m glad thing are finally getting unpacked and back to normal.

My face before and after the move.

I’m now living in a 3 bedroom with two lovely ladies in Brooklyn and the exciting thing is …I get to do whatever I want with the decor of the house! My roommates are totally chill with repainting, hanging new art and putting up storage. There is always so much potential when you move to a new space and I love getting creative with paint, curtains etc.

The new place is a 6 story, multi-unit apartment building built in the 1920’s. The bedrooms are big and mine looks out onto a leafy tree, but it’s very dark compared to my old place and the walls were all an awful gray putty color when I first saw the space. So my first course of action was figuring out how to brighten the space. I did some research and started gravitating to gold and white decor but I also wanted to keep the feeling of the room soft (it is a bedroom after all). I pulled some images (see below) and decided to go bold and do white walls with gold trim and a blue and gold accent wall behind the bed.

The painting took an entire weekend and cost me about $150 (gold paint is not cheap people) but the transformation was pretty dramatic. I’m still working on hanging pictures and unpacking boxes but here is a little teaser of the before and after of the room.




As I said, I’m still putting the finishing touches on the space but painting everything made a HUGE difference! The room feels much more romantic and it was totally worth the 2 days and 3 nights it took to get the job done.







Dances of Vice – La Vie Parisian

Dances of Vice Dancers
Samantha L Siegel & Brian T Lawton dancing to Carte Blance. Photo taken by Steve Wong

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to work on a super fun Valentines Day party. Dances of Vice is well known in NYC for throwing extravagant themed parties. Lead by the ever glamourous Shien Lee, the parties attract a bevy of “dandies, aesthetes, and dreamers who gather in shared enthusiasm for the music, fashion, culture, and beauty of times past and re-imagined.”

Friday was La Vie Parisian Masquerade Ball. I was able to help out with the decorations for this event and have some photos to share with you. The location was the fabulous Downtown Association in Wall Street and the decorator was Francesca Signori and there were a ton of other creative types on hand to help out. Check out the photos of the event below!

The Downtown Association
The Downtown Association
The Ladies Lounge
The Ladies Lounge
The main dance space on the second floor
The main dance space on the second floor
The man on stilts made my night.
The man on stilts made my night.
Performers were Everywhere
Performers were Everywhere
Masked Guests
Masked Guests

Millinery Projects – In Which I Make Lots Of Hats




I’m currently in the middle of a project where I get to stretch some of my millinery skills by making a variety of fun hats. The project is re-creating a series of costume and prop pieces from photos to use in a new show. I have an image but I get to create the blue-print and puzzle it out myself. I’ll have some great tutorials for you guys after I’m done and the project is over, but for now here’s a little glimpse into the process.








Painting Wall Trim

I’ve moved into a new place this summer and with a new home comes a whole new set of decorating challenges. My roommate and I wanted to make the new place extra special so we started with a new coat of paint. Lucky of us our landlord was fine with us painting so we could do pretty much whatever we want.

The Living Room Prior to Painting or Moving in

The living room was the first place we started. The room is huge! But it only has one window to the outside, this being NYC we do have an interior window so there is a little light that comes through there, but overall the space is fairly dark through the day. We wanted to keep the walls light but highlight the beautiful molding and add some personality and color to the space.

The one window to the outside (with our Landlady and a friend)

In the end we settled on painting just the trim a happy blue color and leaving the walls white. We started by washing down all the walls with a damp cloth, laying down drop cloths to protect the floor and then taping out our lines in blue tape. It was really important to use long strips of blue tape and to press it down really well so that we didn’t get any pant spilling out along the corners. Then we got started with the paint.

After the first coat.

Because of the detailing on our molding we used a combination of acrylic brushes and sponge brushes. We did two coats of paint and waited  30 min. in between each coat for it to dry. Because the time in between each coat was more than just a few min we placed our brushes in some tepid water to keep them from hardening – if you do this just remember to dry them really well before you go back to painting so you don’t have a watery second coat.

Then it was time for the tape to come off.

For the most part our lines were pretty straight but there were a few places that I needed to go back in and touch up with a tiny brush. Overall though it turned out pretty well!

We are still working on decorating (nice looking, affordable couches are notoriously hard to find in NYC) but I will post more photos as we progress!

In The Works – Stina & Matt’s Wedding

As a designer I often get asked to help friends plan events. Two of my close friends are getting married this summer and I have been working with them to plan the wedding and wedding decor. It has been lots of fun and so far this is what we have come up with:

Colors: Royal Blue and Tangerine

Location: Columbia University

Style: A combination of quirky and classic styles (Matt’s classic, Stina’s Quirky) and yes this is their cake topper.

Cakes: Polka Dots!


Stay posted for more later this year!