Gift Guide 2013- For Your Tough-As-Nails Little Brother Who Loves Sports and Has a Swanky New Home

The ultimate gift for a sports lover will always be tickets to see his favorite team (For my brother that’s the Seattle Sounders) but here are a few more items to add to your list for your sporty brother who still has a sense of great style and humor. Gift Guide 2013- For your tough-as-nails little brother who loves sports and has a swanky new apartment

Real Flame Trestle Wood-Burning Fire Pit for his new backyard because who doesn’t like a good fire on a cold night. -$219

A cheeky Reed Wilson Design doormat  for the new place to make him smile every time he walk in the house. – $50

Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Set to keep that sibling rivalry going. – $57

An autographed current football, baseball or basketball  because you will then be the best sibling EVER. $120-$600 (Prices vary by sport and signature).

A Vintage-Style Leather Travel Bag  So he can come visit you in style. $59-$100 (Price varies by size)

Meriwether of Montana Classic Six Pack Carrier So he can tailgate in style – $40

IZOLA Private Reserve 3oz Flask so he can stay classy. – $24


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