Free DIY Wedding Programs and Menus

As the summer wedding planning continues I have been helping with drafting up the programs and menus for the upcoming nuptials of K&J (which are taking place next week in upstate NY). There are some great resources out there for DIY printing and templates.  Here are some of my favorites and below is my final product for the Wedding Menu.

The template for the Menu was provided by The Wedding Chicks. Their program is very easy to use, you just type in the text you want and pick your color. I went a step further and using Photoshop replaced the text they had the font that K&J picked for the event.

Menu for K&J

Other great options are this menu template from Martha Stewart which comes in black or orange.

Image Provided by Martha Stewart

This menu template and matching escort card by the Wedding Chicks is sweet and simple.

And with a little tweaking this super cute library card by LoveVs.Design could be made into a menu or escort card.

For the program we are using the same design as we used for the menu above, but here are some other options:

Aylee Bits makes fan programs for a fee but also has a free download for those that want to try the project themselves. She also has a paddle fan template you can download here.

Image Provided by Aylee Bits

Martha Stewart has a bevy of program ideas and templates that you can download including the one pictured below.

Image Provided by Martha Stewart

Last but not least, Chica and Jo have a step by step guide to making a program booklet. One of my friends made these for her wedding 2 years ago and they were very pretty.


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