Hollywood Regency Part 2 – Today’s Style

Last week I wrote about the history of Hollywood Regency which originated in the 1930’s. Today the style has undergone a few changes but retains the feeling of luxury that made it so popular more than 80 years ago.

Gold TableAs in the 1930’s, Hollywood Regency today uses luxurious materials, clean lines and geometric patterns to draw the eye into the space. The style today uses bold, bright colors on statement pieces such as curtains, lamps or chairs and intersperses these with black and white patterns on rugs, walls and larger furniture items.


While classic furniture is still heavily used in modern-day Hollywood Regency style, certain items from the mid-century modern period are now incorporated as well. The Parson Table being one of the favorites.

gold wall paperhollywood5

Above all, Hollywood Regency is playful elegance. There is always a sense of wonder, glam and whimsy to rooms decorated in this style. From faux fur rugs to bright colors, and from giant statement wall decor to animal statues, this style takes traditional elements and infuses them with a bit of frivolity.



For those of you looking to create your own Hollywood Regency space there are a wealth of resources out there. Pinterest and Domino are my go-tos for inspiration, Jonathan Adler, One Kings Lane, and Joss & Main are all great websites for finding furnishing. For vintage styled wallpapers Secondhand Rose is THE go to for New Yorkers but for removable wallpaper or a more modern look I like Murals Your Way. I have also had a lot of luck on Etsy but it does require a bit more searching. If you do decide to try this style have fun and if you can’t afford buy the gilded furnishing you desire don’t be afraid to try a little ikea hack, the end results will be worth it.




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