Valentino Costumes for the New York City Ballet

Yesterday I posted about how fashion can inspire costume design. It seems that the reverse can be true as well. Valentino has been working with the New York City Ballet on some new designs for their Fall Gala (Which takes place tonight).

Mr. Valentino at work in the NYCB Costume shop alongside his longtime business partner Giancarlo Giammetti and NYCB Director of Costumes Marc Happel. Photo provided by NYCB.

As many know Mr. Valentino has retired from the fashion industry but apparently he was not done creating his beautiful feminine silhouettes. In an article from the Huffington Post Valentino is quoted as saying “I stopped because in the `fashion world,’ I had done almost everything, and fashion was taking a direction I didn’t like, … This is a new life for me, and it’s been a very beautiful experience.”

For those of us that can’t make the Gala tonight the NYCB has been kind enough to share some photos of his work. You can also follow the events via the NYCB twitter feed. Enjoy!

A close-up look at a bodice. All sewn by hand! Photo by NYCB
Warm Ups in Rehearsal Skirts. Photo by the NYCB.


Detailing on a Valentino Costume. Photo by NYCB
Principal Dancer Janie Taylor in her Valentino Gown. Photo by NYCB.
Principal Dancer Wendy Whelan in her Valentino Gown. Photo by NYCB




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