Inspiration – Spring 2013 Fashion Week

Fashion week just wrapped up here in NYC where we had drones of designers, celebrities, industry bigwigs and fashionistas descend to immerse themselves in the runway scene. While I do generally try to stay out of the hullabaloo, this year I dove in and worked backstage on a few shows. As it turns out the runway does provide an interesting source of inspiration for costume design.

In the theater, many costume designs tend to be based on historical fashions, in which case having a through knowledge of period, cuts, and fabrics can only enhance a costume designer’s work. For this information you need not look further than your local museum or library. Other shows however require a more futuristic take on the world, in which case certain designers such as Alexander Wang are wonderful to look to for inspiring garments.

Alexander Wang Spring 2012 – Image Provided by The NYTimes
Spring 2012 NY- Image Provided By the NYTimes
Spring 2021 NY – Image Provided by the NYTimes

And sometimes fashion is playful and inventive in a way that is throughly in line with the theater world.  In this case it’s can be helpful to look to fashion for ideas in shape, color and cut that might inspire the next design.

Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2013
Peter Pilotto Spring 2013

As a designer I am always trying to look for inspiration  in new places. Fashion week is a wealth of color, style and shape and I can’t wait to see what else London and Paris have to offer this year.


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