Painting Wall Trim

I’ve moved into a new place this summer and with a new home comes a whole new set of decorating challenges. My roommate and I wanted to make the new place extra special so we started with a new coat of paint. Lucky of us our landlord was fine with us painting so we could do pretty much whatever we want.

The Living Room Prior to Painting or Moving in

The living room was the first place we started. The room is huge! But it only has one window to the outside, this being NYC we do have an interior window so there is a little light that comes through there, but overall the space is fairly dark through the day. We wanted to keep the walls light but highlight the beautiful molding and add some personality and color to the space.

The one window to the outside (with our Landlady and a friend)

In the end we settled on painting just the trim a happy blue color and leaving the walls white. We started by washing down all the walls with a damp cloth, laying down drop cloths to protect the floor and then taping out our lines in blue tape. It was really important to use long strips of blue tape and to press it down really well so that we didn’t get any pant spilling out along the corners. Then we got started with the paint.

After the first coat.

Because of the detailing on our molding we used a combination of acrylic brushes and sponge brushes. We did two coats of paint and waited  30 min. in between each coat for it to dry. Because the time in between each coat was more than just a few min we placed our brushes in some tepid water to keep them from hardening – if you do this just remember to dry them really well before you go back to painting so you don’t have a watery second coat.

Then it was time for the tape to come off.

For the most part our lines were pretty straight but there were a few places that I needed to go back in and touch up with a tiny brush. Overall though it turned out pretty well!

We are still working on decorating (nice looking, affordable couches are notoriously hard to find in NYC) but I will post more photos as we progress!


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