HA! The Play

It’s been a bit crazy over here, we have had guests in town, are fostering kittens and I am working on 3 different projects, but I thought it was about time I shared some of the work I have been doing for the show I load in next week. HA! The Play will be opening at the Jewel Box Theater in less then two weeks and I have been working on the set and props for the production.

Traditional Russian Embroidery

The Play has 3 very different settings and the challenge as a designer was to create a space that would work in all 3 stories. The first scene is Greek, the second is turn of the century Russia, and the third is otherworldly. The other major challenge was the lack of backstage space. Every set piece that moved had to be able to fit into the dressing room with the actors.  My solutions are below, I made some basic computer sketch-ups of what the space will look like, and hopefully I can pull it off:

Act 1 - Greece

The Basic space will have a checkerboard floor, two translucent fabric columns which will be lit from the inside with lighting instruments, and a large picture frame on the back wall for the projectionist to project against.

Act 2 - Russia 1905

The furniture, projected images and curtain colors will change for each act. Above you see the first draft of the Russian set, the chairs are being replaced with a couch but the overall effect should be the same.

The otherworld or God’s Classroom

The final scene is set in God’s Classroom, where god is a Master’s Student who goofed off on the last day and is now paying the price during his thesis defense. (Did I mention this was a comedy). This room is strictly black and white tones with little pops of color introduced through “earth samples” such as the russian embroidery in the photo above.

I load in next week so stay tuned for before and after photos!




One thought on “HA! The Play”

  1. The Jewel Box Theater, as in the one at the WorkShop Theater? If so, tell the people there I say hello! I’ve rented from them a whole bunch of times (the last time being almost two years ago…), although always their Mainstage Theater. I’d be interested to know what the Jewel Box is like to work in. (I’ve seen things there, but never worked in it.)

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