DIY- Bottle Labels

This Christmas, Miles and I gave homemade, holiday cider to our friends as gifts. Now I do not make cider (that’s his job) but I do make props, so my role was coming up with a nice bottle and label for our “Holiday Brew”.


I started out by sourcing bottles, we needed something that would be air tight so that the carbonation would not escape between bottling and gifting. Some of our bottles were recycled ones, and some were purchased (we got ours from the container store but also has a great selection). All of them had swing-tops with a rubber pressure seal.

The Final Draft

Then I got to do the fun part: making labels. To save me the time that photoshop or illustrator would have taken, I decided to use (although I did play around on as well) . The site has 14 different label shapes to play with and an array of fonts, colors and graphics to use. We tried out a series of shapes and eventually settled on the one above in two different colors. Below are a few of our other choices.  Then we printed them out and used a glue stick to apply them to the bottles. It was easy as anything.


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