“Stag” Set Design at SUNY New Paltz

Last weekend I opened a new show at SUNY New Paltz. Despite some initial  difficulties with loading into the space the show went relatively smootly and was well received by the audience.

Stagger Lee and Rose at Home

The play was set in two different locations (an apartment and a bar) in a fictional suburb of Baltimore during the late 1980’s. Rose, our leading lady, had to be able to move fluidly between the two spaces while Stag and Billy were confined to just one space at a time. This set design was born out of that need as well as the physical restrictions of the space.

Let me give you something that’s worthy of you. You’re all I got, now.
See - that’s your problem. Can’t let things go.
Was glad to see you for a second. Just for a second. Thought you was comin’ back.
2 In the Head - 4 of A Kind - 3 In the Side - A Flush in Hearts
I should have won.

While there are a few things I would change given a longer run or more time in the space, all in all I feel relatively satisfied with the production. I can’t wait to work with this team again!


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