Halloween Makeup Inspiration

With the Halloween weekend upon us I decided to take some time away from my “Stag” drafting and do a post on makeup design. In college the Theater Makeup design class was one of my favorites. Unlike normal cosmetology which strives to make someone look pretty, theater makeup strives to make an actor look a different age, species (if you are in Cats), or just like someone else all together. Here is a quick round-up of some of my favorite transformative looks for Halloween that you can do with a basic Halloween makeup kit and some of your own makeup products:

Black Swan Makeup:

Image and Directions Provided by Bellasugar.com

Directions for how to do Black Swan Makeup by Designer Judy Chin:

  • Face: First, the makeup artists applied a pale ivory foundation, using a white cream highlight on the forehead and cheekbones.
  • Eyes: MAC’s Chromaline in Black Black ($17) was used to outline the eyes. Then, a silver shade from the brand’s Pigment ($20) line was combined with Mixing Medium and applied over the eyes in feather-like strokes. For even more drama, the under-eyes were lined withChromaline in Red ($17).
  • LipsVino lip pencil ($13) was used as a base, followed by Dubonnet lipstick ($16).
Corpse Bride Makeup: 
Corpse Bride photo from fveda.com

What you need: Black Lipstick, Black liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, white cream foundation, blush colored eyeshadow

  • Face: Apply white base over entire face, eyelids and eyebrows, don’t forget under the nose
  • Eyes: Apply fake eyelashes. Add blush colored eyeshadow over the eye that you intend to draw on. Using black liquid eyeliner create the branches of the plant. Starting at the inner upper and lower corners of your eye (make sure for the lower side the branch extends at an angle towards the outer side of your cheekbones. Add spikes and flowers once you have the number of branches that you want.
  • Lips: Using the black lipstick fill in your lips so that they are completely black and you are done.

Spiderwoman  Makeup:

Image Provided by eyesandlips.com 

What you need: Fake eyelashes, Black liquid eyeliner, foundation, charcoal  gray, and white eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, body jewels, your favorite lipstick, clear finishing powder.

  • Face: Apply foundation all over face including brows, eyes and lips (this helps the makeup last longer). Draw in brows with eyebrow pencil. Apply lipstick
  • Eyes: Apply fake eyelashes to top and bottom lids. Use the black liquid eyeliner to create a thick line on the upper and lower lids around the eye. Add charcoal gray shadow to the upper lid and at the outer corner of the under eye area. Apply white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Spider web: Starting with the inner corner of the eye create vertical (squiggly) lines down from your lower lashes. Continue along the bottom as your eye line starts to turn up at the outer corners. Repeat lines on top lid. At the outer corners of your eye make 3-5 angled lines (on top and bottom) and one horizontal line that comes out of the corner of your eye. Connect all these lines with “swoopy” lines. Take 3-5 body jewels and apply where the lines intersect. Use finishing powder to set.
Image Provided by ooglemakeup.blogspot.com

What you need: White cream foundation, red lipstick, black eyeliner, black cream makeup, regular liquid foundation one shade darker than your normal color, blush, finishing powder.

  • Face: Using a sponge and the white cream foundation create a heart shape outline on your face starting from in between your eyebrows and working out using the natural curves of your face – the point of the heart should be in the middle of your chin. Fill in the heart with the white foundation. Using a brush outline the heart in the regular color foundation. Sweep blush across your cheekbones starting from inside the heart shape and working out. On the right  cheek use the black eyeliner to create a tiny heart that lines up with the outer corner of your eye. Finish off with powder.
  • Eyes: Using liquid eyeliner create a thick line across the top of your lid. Using the black cream makeup and a brush paint on thick black eyebrows (use the shape of the heart to help create the shape of they brows).
  • Lips: Last but not least, apply red lipstick to your lips – make sure to accentuate the heart shape of your lips and feel free to draw outside the lines.


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