“Stag” Costume Designs- First Draft

Things are coming along nicely with the “Stag” production that I will be doing up at SUNY New Paltz next month. The Costume designs are mostly done and I went up to the college earlier this week to pull some dresses for our leading lady. Here are the first costume sketches I did. The boys are going to change a bit but Rose will stay relatively the same.



The costumes may seem relatively simple but they are all based on the colors and patterns in playing cards. Rose as the Queen of Hearts has a heart locket and white detailing similar to that on the queen cards. Billy has a diamond tattoo on his arm and is in the red of the Jack of Diamonds. Stag is sporting the color scheme of the Jack of Clubs and has the insignia from the Jack’s breastplate tattooed on his arm. It is all fairly subtle but that’s how I like it.  I will post more pictures as the designs progress!



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