Halloween Costume Ideas

As we get closer to Halloween I always get excited. It’s the one time in the year that I get to create costumes that are not for the stage. While there are plenty of Sexy Witch/Pirate/Maid/insert your idea here costumes, I prefer to go the more creative and warm route. Here are some of my favorite (non-slutty) costumes creations that are easy to assemble and can be made using clothes you might find in your closet or with limited shopping (All links go to my polyvore page):

Nancy Drew:

Sweater, 50’s Skirt, Magnifying Glass, or Flashlight, 50’s hair and make-up, Oxford shoes

Black Swan:

Black tights, ballet flats, black corset, black tulle skirt, heavy makeup, tiara  (you could do this as the white swan as well and just do all the elements in white)

Evil Equestrian Lady (Inspired By Martha Stewart):

Top hat, Tight tan or black pants (or long black skirt), white shirt, black, green or tan jacket (preferably with elbow patches), riding boots, riding crop, evil makeup

Pippi Longstocking:

Red striped shirt, blue or red jumper with patches, faux red pigtails, stripped stockings, large black boots

For A Group: The Scooby Doo Crew:

  1. Thelma: Black Rim glasses, Orange Sweater, Red Skirt, Orange Knee-High Socks, Brown mary-janes.
  2. Fred: Blue Shirt and Pants, White Sweater, Orange Neck Scarf, Brown Shoes
  3. Daphne: Purple Sweater Dress, Purple or pink tights, Pink headband, green scarf, ballet flats
  4. Shaggy: Large Green tee-shirt, brown pants, brown shoes, 1 days worth of stubble
  5. Scooby: Dog costume 😉

For a couple or 2 friends: Sherlock and Watson:

Sherlock: Cape, Pipe, Oxfords, Work Dress in gray or tan, Hat
Watson: Cape, Bowler cap, tan or black pants, Oxfords, white shirt 


2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. These are great ideas. I stumbled across your sight on my hunt for Nancy Drew costume ideas and now I may want to be the Black Swan… You have put your idea boards together so beautifully.

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