Cinema Italiano

“Style is the New Content…” – Kate Hudson, Nine
Image taken from Youtube screenshot

This past weekend, while my man and I were trapped inside (thanks Irene), I did some catching up on films I have been wanting to see. Nine, the star studded musical directed by Rob Marshall was top of that list and I loved it. While I felt that there were some parts that could have been fleshed out more, and characters that needed to be re-addressed; the costumes, sets and cinematography were to die for.

Image taken from a Youtube screenshot

Kate Hudson rocked Cinema Italiano (see the youtube clip below) in white go-go boots surrounded by skiny-tie clad gents and had me wishing that I was living in an Italian movie.

From a design standpoint, the intermarriage of 60’s Mod costumes, Renaissance Italian sculpture and modern platforms that were sleek enough to be on any “Project Runway” set was extremely interesting. The three styles are hard enough to pull off on their own, so I had to go back and watch Cinema Italiano a few times before I figured out why I felt it all fit together so well (aside from the fact that it’s a fantasy scene).

The alternation between black and white (which plays well against the costumes) and color shots (which highlight the modern set) allows for the song to feel like it could belong in both worlds; And Kate Herself while costumed like a 60’s model and dancing like she belongs at a Beatles concert still screams ‘modern women’ in the way she carries herself. While this doesn’t help in the more ‘real world’ scenes for this number it lends itself beautifully to the dance sequence. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the movie yourself and see what you think.

Kate Hudson


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