‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ – Tony Awards 2011

A few days ago I published some of my favorite images from the Tony Awards. Now I want to take a more in-depth look at the winners of the design awards.

Image taken from Priscellaonbroadway.com

The best Costume Design for a Musical went to Priscilla Queen of the Desert designers Tim Chappell and Lizzy Gardiner. Both Mr. Chappell and Ms. Gardiner had worked on the film version of Priscilla, and had won an Academy Award, a BAFTA and an Australian Film Industry award for their design work on that film. So it came as no surprise that they also picked up the Best Costume award this past week at the Tonys.

Cast of Priscilla Image provided by Broadway.com, taken by Joan Marcus

What I personally love about their design work, was their ability to blend the fantastical costumes of the drag queens with the everyday clothing of the people they meet on their wild ride.

On The Bus - Image Provided by Broadway.com

While this is a story about all the usual things – friendship, fitting in, dealing with hardships – it is also a story about following a dream and believing in bigger and better things for oneself. The costumes that Mr. Chappell and Ms. Gardiner have created are fanciful and help the characters stand out not only as big personalities but big dreamers as well.

Below is a slide show of the Priscilla costume sketches followed by the Cast’s Tony Performance of “It’s Raining Men”, featuring Paul Shaffer on piano and Martha Wash’s vocals. Enjoy!


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