Figment! On Governor’s Island

Hi Folks, Sorry I have been absent for so long. This month is the 3rd anniversary of the Planet Connections Theater Festivity (which I am running) and life has been a little crazy.

Despite all the work that I have to do over the next few weeks I plan on getting away this weekend to see Figment on Governor’s Island in NYC. The festivities start today and go through Sunday the 12th. The island will be filled with plays, sculptures, multimedia art installations, “roving art”, music and dance.

Victorian Volley by Patrick Grenier- Provided by

I personally find the idea of roving art and theater fascinating and I am curious to see how this year’s performer’s pull it off. Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime check out images from last year’s Figment weekend!

Alchemy Tribal Collective, One Mountain Photo- Image provided by
Hectagon Heliograph Strategies by Chris Jordan- Image provided by
Rose Petal Pool - Image provided by

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