More Books That Help My Practice

A while back I discussed books that had influenced me as a designer. Today I want to talk about 3 books that have influenced my artistic technique.

“Drafting For the Theater” By Dennis Dorn and Mark Shanda

One of the first books I ever bought for theater was “Drafting for the Theater”. This text focuses on hand drafting (remember when I said I did all of my drafting by hand in college) as opposed to CAD or Vector Works drafting. The book is really great at breaking things down for the beginning drafter. It has step by step instructions for different techniques and worksheets for those who need practice.

Page from “Drafting for the Theater”

“Architectural Sketching and Rendering:  Techniques for Designers and Artists” 

While this book is much less instructional than the perviously mentioned text, I found it remarkably inspiring. These editors have complied architectural sketches from the best designers in the world (of both today and yesteryear) to help demonstrate how different drawing techniques are used in renderings. Some examples are below.

“The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist” by Mark Edward Smith

When it comes to figure drawing, I find myself returning to this book again and again. While it is sadly lacking in male figures (only about 10%) the sheer number of poses has helped me numerous times when I need to produce a costume sketch that shows movement or personality. There are plenty of books out there similar to this one, but this one has always worked for me.


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