“Angles In America” and “Piece of My Heart”

Today I was updating my portfolio and stumbled across these photos from Pomona College Theater’s production of Angles in America and Piece of My Heart. 

Angles in America

While I did work a set dresser/painter, I can’t  for the life of me remember who did the sets or costumes. What I do recall is the lighting designer Peter Gottlieb’s influence on both shows especially on “Piece of My Heart”. In a small black box theater he managed to make the audience feel as though they were in the middle of the Vietnamese Jungle during the war.

Piece of My Heart

In the final moment before the play ended the lights dimmed (see above) and then the names of the Vietnam Memorial slowly washed across the stage and the actors were covered in the names of the dead. It was a heart wrenching moment and such a beautiful way of remembering the past.


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