‘Lucky Guy’ at the Little Shubert

Jeannie Jeannine (Varla Jean Merman) and Big Al (Leslie Jordan) -Image provided by the LuckyGuyTheMusical.com

What is big and sparkly, has a Drag Queen, a cut out poster of Willie Nelson, a hot hunk of a cowboy singing the blues, 4 Elvis’ and some tap-dancing Indian Braves? That would be the new production of Lucky Guy that opens tonight at the Little Shubert.

Billy (Kyle Dean Massey) and Wanda (Savannah Wise) -Image Provided by Luckyguythemusical.com

This lighthearted musical has some major talent performing on the stage. The songs are fun, the dancers are great, and the jokes kept the audience rolling in the aisles.

Image Provided by Luckyguythemusical.com

The show is set in Nashville in the late 60’s but the design take is a little liberal with the period. The sets, designed by Rob Bissinger, shift easily to allows for several different spaces from the Recording Studio to Ms. Jeannine’s 28 room trailer house.

The costumes by Mr. William Ivey Long are almost as much fun as the light-hearted banter that takes place onstage. Ms. Varla Jean Merman’s who plays the role of Country Music Star Jeannie Jeannine, is bedecked and bedazzled in fabulous country star dresses, while the men rock boots that would be the envy of any NYC hipster. And the wigs…oh the wigs…

"Warm Feet”- Image provided by Luckyguythemusical.com
"Warm Feet”- Image provided by Luckyguythemusical.com

Great for a date night or a night out with the girls, the show runs through July 24th. So check it out if you are in town. Below is a sneak peek of the “Osage County” number. Ticket information can be found here.


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