Free Drafting Program for Lighting Designers

I was very excited yesterday to discover LXFree, an application for creating light plots and corresponding paperwork that is FREE!!! Most professional designers work in either Cad or VectorWorks to draw up their Light Plots works but sadly my computer has neither and they can be very costly to acquire.

Sisters in Resistance-Space Section Hand Drafted by Meagan

In the past, I have been VERY old school and drafted everything out by hand. Hand drafting looks lovely and is easy to read, however in this day and age of technology it is much slower to send or correct if there are second drafts to do. I have yet to do more than play around with LXFree but so far I am enjoying the program. While it is fairly basic (it is a free program), it gets the job done.

LXFree Sample-Image from LXFree Website

What do you think of LXFree? Have you used it before? Are their other free drafting programs out there that you would recommend?


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