PQ2011- Workshop with Eli Kaplan Wildmann

Happy Monday Folks! I had a lovely and very productive weekend looking over some spaces for a new site specific show I will be working on (more on that later). I also had a chat with a good friend, Eli Kaplan Wildmann who it turns out is going to be teaching a workshop at the Prague Quadrennial called: Light Shining Through: Practical Exploration of Non Digital Projections.

Image Provided by the PQ Website

Eli is great fun and the subject matter of his workshop is soooo interesting. I love the idea of using visual elements to create performance, but lighting always seems so out of reach to most actors. This will be a great introduction to how to harness and use light in performance and stage design. Registration is still open for a week. Check out the description below and register here.

Eli Kaplan Wildmann: Light Shining Through: Practical Exploration of Non Digital Projections
As projections become more and more prevalent in all aspects of performance, this workshop will explore projections that are not created with a computer and electronic projector.  What happens when you throw dirt onto an overhead projector?  What theatrical moments can you create with a light, a fishbowl, and a few drops of red dye?
When we create projection content using items on the stage live, in real time, and are not limited to images from a computer, the act of creating these visions becomes part of the performance itself.  As characters on stage generate the content we see, projections intersect as closely as they can with the storytelling, and can become an element of puppetry (tiny dolls projected to fill the whole stage) or of costume (textures thrown onto an actor’s body), and an illustration of the very form of theater itself – the creation of an illusion in front of our eyes.
This workshop will begin with a brief introduction to various forms of non-digital projection, drawing from a myriad of cultures both past and present.  Participants will then be divided into groups and given a scene from a traditional play.  Using lights and materials in the room, each group will generate an interpretation of their scene that integrates the creation of projections into the action of the play.  After watching the different pieces, the groups together will discuss the ideas presented in addition to different ways in which tactile analog projections can strengthen the work of digital projections and lead to gripping visceral performances.
To those attending, please bring three (or more) small items such as matchsticks, tiny dolls, translucent fabric, and other similar things that will help us project wonders.
The workshop will take place at DAMU from 10 am to 1 pm.

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