Big Sigh

Sometimes the best laid plans go all tits up. Such was the case today. After more than a month of work on a design for “The Drunken City” we ended up with a big gray wall. Yup. Just gray.

While I went into this projects with high hopes, there was a breakdown in the chain of communication. After 3 different designs, and several design meetings I was convinced everything was going smoothly. However last night, after I had headed home for the evening the director decided he didn’t want anything as complex as I had planned. Just a blank pallet to put the actors in front of.  So sadly instead of this:

"The Drunken City”-Final design for the back wall

Or This:

Dirty Platform for Drunken City-Final draft -2nd adjustment

We ended up with just a plain gray wall. It was very sad. I think that sometimes people forget that scenographers are artists and that we get attached to our work in the same way that painters or sculptors do. However at the end of the day, my director wanted a ‘gray box’  and in these situations the director has the final call; we designers have to learn to let things go.

Now I am off to paint my nails a bright color, have a glass of wine and remind myself that paint is just paint and that every set has to come down eventually.


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