Concept Design for Store Space- Part 3 The Wall

For those of you that have been following, you know I set myself the challenge of designing a Window, a Wall and an Object for a store visual design. You can see the window box I created here. This week it was on to the wall. I had a less solid concept for this then I had for the window. First I sketched this:

But I wasn’t crazy about it. So I did a little more research and found this beautiful image of the countryside on google:

My Inspiration

Going off of this image I did two more sketches (keeping in mind that I was working with lace only) and then I started painting the lace with acrylic paint to get the look I wanted (dye would have been faster but the acrylic stiffened the lace and made it easier for me to cut out and lay the pieces over one another.

Sketching it out
Laying out the pieces

This is the finished product. Let me know what you think.

Store Wall concept design

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