Women in Media

While this blog is focused on design, every now and again there are issues I feel the need to discuss, that have nothing to do with theatrical design. This morning Jezebel ran a post entitled “The Missrepresentation Trailer May Break Your Heart”.

Yet, I found the trailer doing just the opposite of breaking my heart, instead I found myself thinking “About Damn Time”. Women in the entertainment industry have become more and more vocal about the shortage of substantial opportunities. Whether it is Helen Mirren taking Hollywood to task about the lack of female roles in movies:

Or Melissa Silverstein of the Huffington Post asking “Where Are The Women Directors” the issue of women vs. media is being raised over and over again.

Woman Venn Diagram image provided by theamericanvirgin.blogspot.com

People are influenced by what they see in the media, they want to see themselves (their issues, their interests)  portrayed by the media, and if the only version of ‘woman’ that the media is portraying is a hyper-sexualized, hyper-objectified and hyper-demonized women, then women as a whole are being shorted. And when we as women, allow ourselves to be portrayed as sluts, whores, bitches or the nice mom, then we are shorting ourselves.


Still from "Missrepresentation"

This film “Missrepresentation” is a call to arms. As Silverstein so adequately put it “while most people believe that we are post-feminist, and post-organizing, and post-activism, I think the only way to make change is to organize and agitate.” Hopefully this film will do just that, and in the process will inspire other young women to get out and change the way that the media represents them.


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