Antony McDonald- Opera Designer and Director

Antony McDonald is one of the most well-known Designer/Directors on the opera scene today. I had the opportunity to study briefly with Antony, through a work-study placement, when I was in grad School in London. This morning I stumbled across photos of one of the shows that he was designing (both set and costumes) when I was with him.  I loved the elegance and classical structures with a modern twist then and looking over the photos today I am still blown away.

The Sleeping Beauty- Design By Antony Mcdonald

What I find intriguing about his design style is that he uses classical shapes and forms (as in the iron and glass doors above) and then adds a sense of whimsy, magic and playfulness to the space. The same can be said of his costumes.

The Queen and Company

While I can’t travel over to the UK to see his work with my festival coming up this summer, I will be looking forward to seeing what he brings to the Met in 2014 (word on the street is that they are reviving his Midsummer Night’s Dream). In the mean time I will be checking out reviews to see what he is up to and reporting back.

Aurora and the Prince

The Sleeping Beauty was produced by the Scottish Ballet in 2007 and is being revived in 2011. Photos are by Andrew Ross and from The Scottish Ballet’s Website.


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