Concept Design for Store Space-Part 2 The Window

This weekend I got started on the concept design for my window display (you can read more about my entire project here). As I stated last on Friday, I was looking for one material and one season that I could use as a jumping off point for designing a display/installation for a shop. I found some beautiful lace at NY Elegant Fabrics, located in the fabric district and started working on the wave that I hope will represent the spring/summer season.

Here is the progression:

The Research-Image provided by google
Concept Sketch

I did some basic sketches to map out my ideas and then got to work with the material.

Testing the Materials

I tried a few different types of fabric stiffeners before I started in on the project and found that the best by far was Golden’s GAC 400 which is “A 100% acrylic dispersion polymer which dries to a hard, stiff film. Useful for stiffening unprimed canvas or sculpting and shaping fabric”(Product packaging). It did take a while to dry but held the shape I was trying to create better then my PVA glues and much better then the fabric starch which had been recommended to me. I picked up the GAC 400 at Pearl Paint but there are plenty of other retailers that carry it.

The first few levels of the wave

The next step was building a platform for my wave (this would be the window box in a store). Mine was modeled out of a lightweight card and cut about 10″ across by 12″ high by 6″ deep (or a 1:1 scale). I dyed the fabric using some watered down acrylic paint and started cutting strips, then using the glue, layering the lace on top of itself.

At a certain point I realized that there needed to be a figure in the box to check scale. I printed out a dress from the Anthropologie website to use. It’s always good to have a figure in your model just to give you a sense of size. In this case I decided that the wave needed to be a bit higher to help draw your eye around the space.

The Finished Wave

In the end I left a bit of space for more clothing (it is a window display after all) and for other items the story was trying to sell. Thoughts comments? I would love to have them!


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