Dancing at Lughnasa

The sisters working around the table

This winter I had the pleasure of designing props for the Gallery Players’ adaptation ofDancing at Lughnasa. While certain items were fairly easy to find (the family cross, an old man’s cane) other things had to be made. Here are two of the more interesting period items I had to come up with:

Period Irish Cornflower Box
Wild Woodbines Cigarettes
Wild Woodbine Cigaretts

Wild Woodbines are mentioned several times in the text. They were a popular 1930’s brand of cigarettes marked to women in the British Isles and Ireland.

Brown & Polson’s marketed flour and corn flour in both the UK and Ireland.

In the end I had to make several different grocery items with a little photoshop magic. Below is the label for the butter box that I created based off a real Irish Creamery. After designing the image I printed it up on some light-weight card and then created a box. As you may imagine, it was a long process but very rewarding, and the stage turned out beautifully in the end.


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