The Hats of Downton Abbey, Series 4


rose and cora

I have to say I’m an avid “Downton Abbey” follower. So I was delighted by this posts on the “Hats of Downton Abbey, Series 4” from “I Should Have Been a Blogger”. Take a look!cora1 rose3 rose1 mary2

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We’re over halfway through the fourth series here in the states, and you know what that means? It’s time for our next installment of my ongoing series “The Hats of Downton Abbey.” (Original here, men’s hats here, season three here.)

We’re thoroughly into the 1920s now, and the hats are morphing to match.


Yup. Hats are out in the Jazz age. Not to say women aren’t wearing them to go out–they are. But the new big thing is the headband.

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Dances of Vice – La Vie Parisian

Dances of Vice Dancers

Samantha L Siegel & Brian T Lawton dancing to Carte Blance. Photo taken by Steve Wong

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to work on a super fun Valentines Day party. Dances of Vice is well known in NYC for throwing extravagant themed parties. Lead by the ever glamourous Shien Lee, the parties attract a bevy of “dandies, aesthetes, and dreamers who gather in shared enthusiasm for the music, fashion, culture, and beauty of times past and re-imagined.”

Friday was La Vie Parisian Masquerade Ball. I was able to help out with the decorations for this event and have some photos to share with you. The location was the fabulous Downtown Association in Wall Street and the decorator was Francesca Signori and there were a ton of other creative types on hand to help out. Check out the photos of the event below!

The Downtown Association

The Downtown Association

The Ladies Lounge

The Ladies Lounge

The main dance space on the second floor

The main dance space on the second floor

The man on stilts made my night.

The man on stilts made my night.

Performers were Everywhere

Performers were Everywhere

Masked Guests

Masked Guests

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Basic Buckram Shapes

I found this great tutorial yesterday by Alice Frenz on how to make basic buckram hat shapes. Since I have a rather crazy hat still on my list I’m going to have to start from scratch and this should be just the ticket for helping me with it. Take a look!


Basic Buckram Shapes.

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Millinery Projects – In Which I Make Lots Of Hats




I’m currently in the middle of a project where I get to stretch some of my millinery skills by making a variety of fun hats. The project is re-creating a series of costume and prop pieces from photos to use in a new show. I have an image but I get to create the blue-print and puzzle it out myself. I’ll have some great tutorials for you guys after I’m done and the project is over, but for now here’s a little glimpse into the process.








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Good model-makers looking for work


If you are a follower from the U.K. and have experience model making I highly recommend you get in touch with David Neat and take him up on his offer above!

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This must be the shortest post I’ve ever written .. hurrah!

I’m often asked if I can recommend good model-makers for various types of job and this usually presents me with two problems. Firstly I can never remember exactly where I’ve put people’s details and secondly it’s difficult for me to find the time to look through them and then forward the information on. It would be a great deal easier for me to be able to refer anyone who asks to an available list .. so I’m planning to compile a list somewhere on this site!

If you live in the UK, consider yourself a good model-maker and are seriously looking for work I’d appreciate it if you get in touch. You need to send me links to your work online that I can have a look at first and which clients can then refer to once the list is available. Let…

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“White Christmas” at the John W. Engeman Theater

The past few weeks I have been doing the prop design for Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”. The show was a lot of work, there are over 120 props that make an appearance over the course of the two act spectacle but it was also a lot of fun. Here are some images from the show.
Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.28.39 PM Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.29.36 PM Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.32.31 PM Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.35.45 PM Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.36.49 PM Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.37.22 PM
Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.50.41 PM
Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.38.05 PM Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.38.25 PM
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Gift Guide 2013- For Your Tough-As-Nails Little Brother Who Loves Sports and Has a Swanky New Home

The ultimate gift for a sports lover will always be tickets to see his favorite team (For my brother that’s the Seattle Sounders) but here are a few more items to add to your list for your sporty brother who still has a sense of great style and humor. Gift Guide 2013- For your tough-as-nails little brother who loves sports and has a swanky new apartment

Real Flame Trestle Wood-Burning Fire Pit for his new backyard because who doesn’t like a good fire on a cold night. -$219

A cheeky Reed Wilson Design doormat  for the new place to make him smile every time he walk in the house. – $50

Brodmann Blades Ping Pong Set to keep that sibling rivalry going. – $57

An autographed current football, baseball or basketball  because you will then be the best sibling EVER. $120-$600 (Prices vary by sport and signature).

A Vintage-Style Leather Travel Bag  So he can come visit you in style. $59-$100 (Price varies by size)

Meriwether of Montana Classic Six Pack Carrier So he can tailgate in style – $40

IZOLA Private Reserve 3oz Flask so he can stay classy. – $24

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